Frost on the heat pump

If your heat pump looks like this, don't be alarmed. It will clear itself in within the hour as it performs a defrost cycle. Why does frost form on your heat pump? How does this all work? A heat pump is nothing but an air conditioner with an extra couple of components - a reversing valve and a defrost control board. The typical air conditioner rejects heat into the outside air and extracts heat (cools [...]

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3 Benefits Of Ductless Mini Splits

If you've recently added some living space to your home by either remodeling or adding on, you'll probably want to condition the air in order to use the space during the winter and summer. A ductless mini split heat pump is one of the easiest ways to add heat and cooling to a new space in your home, since these systems don't use any air ducts to deliver air. Although the technology has been used [...]

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HVAC Tax Credits and Rebates

Have you been on the fence about purchasing a new heating and cooling system hoping the air conditioner makes it through the summer? Did your furnace fail at the end of the previous heating season? There are incentives to purchase a new HVAC system this year from Duke, Vectren and REMC. You can contact us and discuss with Werner VanKleef at 812-280-0510 VanKleef Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc.

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What’s inside your furnace?

So that's what is inside your furnace... It's most likely a clam shell heat exchanger. This one happens to be cracked. The top center eyelet of each heat exchanger has a crack of above and below it. The others are nearing failure. However, one crack is all it takes to condemn. What's wrong with a crack? In the modern furnace, the primary risks is a fire. Over time the crack will open and allow flames [...]

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I need some Freon again.

Far too frequently, we receive the call from our  customers requesting more freon. Hmm. Not good. Air conditioning systems are sealed systems. They shouldn't need a shot of 'freon' every year to keep it cooling. "What's the big deal? Just fill 'er up." Well, it is a big deal when you look at all the problems caused by leaking HVAC systems. The first issues deal with detrimental effects on the system longevity.  Refrigerant (Freon, R-22, R-410a) [...]

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