Continuous Fan or Auto Fan

Southern Indiana, Clark, Floyd, and Harrsion Counties as well as Louisville HVAC clients often ask how they should operate their furnace fan - auto or continuous? So, what should you do? Well, it depends... If you have a high efficiency filtration system and a variable speed ECM blower, you will want your fan running continuously to circulate the air at a low velocity. The lower speed of continuous fan allows for better filtration. The continuous [...]

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Hybrid Heat

Utility rates are on the rise. Conventional gas furnace and air conditioning systems can be a burden on the budget. Have you considered a hybrid heat system? Hybrid heat systems consist of a heat pump and gas furnace. Most homes in Kentuckiana area utilize an air conditioner and gas furnace. Most older furnaces are 68% to 80% efficient.  All York, Lennox, and Trane condensing furnaces are at least 95% efficient. However a heat pump is 200-300% efficient! You can [...]

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Waiting To Replace Your HVAC System

So, you are considering selling your Louisville home but your air conditioner is not working well. Do you live with it thinking you won't be in the home in a couple of years or replace it with an energy efficient air conditioner and furnace? Three reasons to replace that dinosaur system now. 1 - If it's more than ten years old, it's up to 30% less efficient than today's minimum efficiencies. You'll save on energy [...]

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Furnace Setback Temperatures

We are often asked about how low to set the thermostat to save money on your heating bills. Obviously, you save more money the less your equipment operates. So, how cold can you stand it in your Southern Indiana/Louisville home? Are you a Scrooge and want to keep it 40°F in the house? Well, there is a limit. When a furnace is operating, all of the combustion gases are just that - gases. We don't [...]

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Dry Air

Do you get dry itchy skin in the Jeffersonville or Louisville fluctuating weather? Are you concerned about your wood floors and furniture being too dry? We can help with a whole house humidifier. Whole house humidifiers are mounted on your furnace duct system and controlled automatically by a humidistat in conjunction with your thermostat. Three primary types of humidifiers are steam, fan powered and bypass. The steam humidifier uses significantly less water than the other [...]

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