Do you get dry itchy skin in the Jeffersonville or Louisville fluctuating weather? Are you concerned about your wood floors and furniture being too dry? We can help with a whole house humidifier.
Whole house humidifiers are mounted on your furnace duct system and controlled automatically by a humidistat in conjunction with your thermostat. Three primary types of humidifiers are steam, fan powered and bypass. The steam humidifier uses significantly less water than the other two. It also works well with all types of heating systems.
In addition to making the air moist, it will also make the ‘cooler’ air more comfortable. This allows you to keep the thermostat a couple degrees lower for the same comfort level. In turn, you save on your heating bill.
Honeywell TruSTEAM humidifiers are the preferred choice of VanKleef Heating and Air Conditioning. We’ve installed them in our own homes as well as customers’ homes. Call 812-280-0510 today to schedule an appointment to see which humidifier is right for you.