Cracked furnace heat exchangers

Annual heating and furnace tuneups are key to maintaining  your system in peak operation conditions. They also find potential safety issues. Have you ever noticed flames rolling backwards from the center burner. If so, you need to call a service man for inspection. If the crimp rings are inserted into the eyelets and used to hold the heat exchanger together. You can see the eyelets in the heat exchanger in this picture. When the crimp rings fail, [...]

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HVAC Fall Maintenance

Temperatures are falling in Southern Indiana/Louisville area. It's time to wake the furnace in the basement. When was the last time you looked at the filter? What's the chance it looks like this? Dirty filters and neglected equipment leads to early failures. All furnace manufacturers recommend an annual tuneup and inspection. Even Energy Star recommends it! We're scheduling furnace and heat pump tuneups now. Call VanKleef Heating and Air Conditioning at 812-280-0510 today to [...]

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Why Air Flow is Critical to HVAC Life

One of the many things we check on our service calls is system air flow. Air flow is critical to a long lasting air conditioner and furnace. Inside your gas furnace is a heat exchanger. The flame shoots inside the heat exchanger and the fan blows air across the outside. If the air flow is insufficient, the heat exchanger becomes too hot. This excess heat stresses the metal. Over time, this stress leads to cracks in [...]

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Frost on the heat pump

If your heat pump looks like this, don't be alarmed. It will clear itself in within the hour as it performs a defrost cycle. Why does frost form on your heat pump? How does this all work? A heat pump is nothing but an air conditioner with an extra couple of components - a reversing valve and a defrost control board. The typical air conditioner rejects heat into the outside air and extracts heat (cools [...]

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Why Pre-season AC Check-up & Maintenance is Important

It's that time of year, and dirty and clogged coils are the number one reason for compressor failures which can cost homeowners up to $1,500 to repair. They also are the main reason home energy cooling costs climb in the summer. With rising utility rates, cleaning AC coils guarantees your system will operate as efficiently as it is designed for. Hidden problems like clogged condensate drains can cause cause basement flooding or unnecessary system shut [...]

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