Annual heating and furnace tuneups are key to maintaining  your system in peak operation conditions. They also find potential safety issues.

Have you ever noticed flames rolling backwards from the center burner. If so, you need to call a service man for inspection.
If the crimp rings are inserted into the eyelets and used to hold the heat exchanger together. You can see the eyelets in the heat exchanger in this picture. When the crimp rings fail, you typically see cracks surrounding the eyelets. You can see the cracks on either side of the upper ring here.
These cracks are caused by expansion and contraction of the metal over the years of operation. These failures are accelerated by lack of maintenance and improper airflow.
Heat exchangers with cracks should never by operated. They are a fire and carbon monoxide danger. Simple stated, cracks don’t get smaller. They only grow in size.
If your system has been diagnosed with a heat exchanger failure or crack, give us a call 812-280-0510 today. We’ll be more than happy to provide you with a proposal for a new furnace or replacement heat exchanger.