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Shocking Benefits of an Inline Humidifier

You may not think of the humidity in your home as an important thing, but you will be surprised at all the wonderful benefits of an inline humidifier for you and your home. If you have chronic colds or creaking furniture this could be a big help in relieving symptoms for you and your house. The air in your home has a humidity level and there are good levels and bad levels. You do not [...]

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Where should I set the humidity in the winter?

During the winter in our area, you should already be using your whole house humidifier. Many humidifiers have automatic controls that vary the humidity setting with your indoor temperature setting and the outdoor temperature. What if you don't have an automatic control? Where should you set the humidistat? Why does it matter? If the humidity is set too high, you'll cause sweating on the windows. This is especially true in older homes with windows that aren't [...]

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What You Don't Know Can Kill You; Dealing With Carbon Dioxide

While you might be thinking about finding a Southern Indiana or Louisville area Air Conditioning Repair Shop to get ready for the spring and summer season, new seasons also get us thinking about other home maintenance issues. Did you know that carbon dioxide in normal amounts is an odorless, colorless, tasteless, gas that is naturally emitted by plants, animals, and humans? It's common in the functioning of every day life. Unfortunately, at higher levels, this [...]

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Should you turn the HVAC system OFF when gone?

I was recently asked on a Google+ discussion if you should turn your air conditioner OFF when gone. Plenty of room for disagreement even among the professionals. When taking a purely energy conservation viewpoint, you'll definitely save when using setback periods. However, we buy these HVAC systems for comfort. How comfortable is an 80*F home after climbing from your 65*F car and the 50*F vents blowing on you during your commute? Not really comfortable. There's [...]

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Dry Winter Air in Home

When repairing or installing new furnaces, I'm often asked about dry air in the winter. Many people associate dry air with running the furnace or heat pump. Neither type of heating system removes moisture from the air. The air is simply heated as it passes through the equipment. There is no change in moisture content. The dry air in the home is caused by infiltration (Wiki Definition) of outside winter air. During the winter months, [...]

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