air conditioning repair Louisville While you might be thinking about finding a Southern Indiana or Louisville area Air Conditioning Repair Shop to get ready for the spring and summer season, new seasons also get us thinking about other home maintenance issues.
Did you know that carbon dioxide in normal amounts is an odorless, colorless, tasteless, gas that is naturally emitted by plants, animals, and humans? It’s common in the functioning of every day life. Unfortunately, at higher levels, this gas can be toxic.
When carbon dioxide seeps through doors and windows from the outside and becomes trapped inside, the gas cannot dissipate. Instead, the gas rises to higher levels of toxicity and affects every day functioning, which can produce a poisonous, deadly outcome.
The problem we face is that most people are not aware of the side effects of carbon dioxide poisoning and mistake them for common health problems like fatigue, the flu, and high blood pressure. Muscle twitching and headaches may be brushed off as a common occurrence, but as carbon dioxide reaches higher, more deadly levels, nausea and dizziness become overwhelming and eventually muscle twitching and asphyxiation can occur, resulting in death. As carbon dioxide increases, oxygen decreases, hampering proper flow to your brain, which eventually becomes fatal.
Although carbon dioxide is a naturally occurring gas, it can be unnaturally present due to excessive levels emitted from stoves, space heaters, clothes dryers, or improperly vented fireplace flues.
To guard against this deadly gas:

  • Make sure all gas-burning appliances are properly ventilated
  • Keep gas levels regulated and checked
  • Use a mechanically ventilated system for exhaust
  • Regularly test CO2 levels and have anything excessive flushed out

Home testing can be done in a couple of different ways. You can buy a kit at your local home improvement store that assesses carbon dioxide levels and allows you to instantly know the results so that they can be promptly rectified. Certified home inspectors are properly trained to detect this type of danger and are worth the investment for peace of mind.
Although carbon dioxide makes up only 1% of our atmosphere, it can account for 100% of family disaster if not properly and promptly addressed and treated. VanKleef Heating and Air Conditioning repair professionals, in Southern Indiana and the Louisville Kentucky area can help you keep your home safe from disaster. (812) 280-0510