Louisville HVAC MaintenanceYou may not think of the humidity in your home as an important thing, but you will be surprised at all the wonderful benefits of an inline humidifier for you and your home. If you have chronic colds or creaking furniture this could be a big help in relieving symptoms for you and your house. The air in your home has a humidity level and there are good levels and bad levels. You do not want too much or too little. You want it, as Goldilocks would say, “just right”.  You should try and keep the humidity level in your home between 30-50%.
How an inline humidifier works:
An inline humidifier attaches to your HVAC system and injects vapor into the air. As it passes through the vents, it regulates the humidity levels in your home. There are sensors that detect the humidity just like a thermostat measures temperature. When the levels get too low, the humidifier kicks in and adds much-needed moisture to the air and helps raise the overall levels of the whole home. Why is this so important? There are not only benefits for the possessions in your home, but there are benefits to your overall health.
Here is a list of benefits of proper humidity levels:

  • Helps minimize nose bleeds
  • Helps with chronic dry skin issues
  • Helps with seasonal dry skin issues
  • Helps protect wood furniture and musical instruments
  • Helps prevent painted surfaces from becoming brittle
  • Helps soothe throat and nasal cavity during flu and cold spells
  • Helps asthma symptoms if kept at the right level (consult your physician)
  • Helps reduce static electricity

Some of the benefits may be shocking, except for the reduction of static electricity, which literally reduces shocking. Static electricity can be a small inconvenience for the person who regularly gets shocked when touching metal objects or other people, but it can be very harmful to your electronics. An article from PCWORLD said, it’s entirely possible that you’ll open up your PC, plug in an add-in card or some RAM, never have any sensation of static, and still have zapped the electronics. That’s because the integrated circuits can be damaged or destroyed by static voltages as low as 400 volts. Long story short, wear rubber gloves when you are working on your electronic equipment. Better yet, have an inline humidifier installed by VanKleef Heating and Air Conditioning and start enjoying the benefits of proper humidified air. Call us with your questions, that’s what were here for. 812-280-0510