neglected hvac air filter, dirty and cloggedSome people think if they’re changing their filters on a regular basis, they’re properly maintaining their HVAC unit. But maintenance is much more than a filter change, and here’s why:

  • Maintenance prevents breakdowns
    Every year customers spend millions of dollars on unnecessary repairs from breakdowns that could have been prevented. AC systems are one of the major investments we make in our homes but they are also the most neglected. Like a car or truck, an AC system needs preventative maintenance to ensure good performance.
  • Maintenance keeps energy costs down
    A dirty evaporator cooling coil, outdoor condenser coil, or blower fan wheel could increase electrical usage by 50% or more.
  • Maintenance prevents system failures
    Up to 80% of all air conditioning compressor failures could be eliminated if the problem that lead to the failure were corrected in a timely manner.

VanKleef Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. offers different maintenance plans to customers that can help ensure your system is running as it should year round. Call our office to learn more and schedule a maintenance call today. 812-280-0510