Louisville Heating Louisville HVACIt’s in there. You can see it. It’s glaring through the stack of mail inside the mailbox; the utility bill. You pull off a corner, take a deep breath, try again and suddenly rip it open like a stuck bandaid. Your blood pressure soars. The heat has only been on for a month, but your heating bill looks like a small house payment.
Help restore your blood pressure to normal and conserve energy this winter with these cost saving ideas:
Purchase a Power Monitor These items are not very expensive, but they are extremely helpful in determining how much energy your home is using and which items are draining the most power.
Turn it Off Stick to this basic rule always. If you’re not using it, turn it off. Plugged in electronics such as computers, lights and monitors all use energy while plugged in. Make sure all of these things are turned off when going to bed.
Use Power StripsConnect as many electronics as you can to a power strip and when they are not in use, switch the strip off. Even a plugged in electronic not in use drains electricity.
Utilize technology Most newer electronics and appliances come with built-in power management options. Always check your settings to be sure you are using the energy saving’s or water saving’s settings on washers, dryers, air conditioners, computers and heating and air conditioning systems.
Avoid OverchargingOnly charge MP3 players, phones, cameras and batteries until they are fully charged, then unplug the charger. Keeping the line-up of electronics constantly plugged in wastes energy.
Get the LED OutTime to get with it. Incandescent bulbs are a thing of the past and are not as energy efficient. Switch over permanently to LED bulbs or compact fluorescent.
Wash with Cold Water Your clothes won’t be upset with you. They will still be clean and not using hot water can help stop runs in color on fabric and prevent shrinkage.
Don’t let Old Man Winter steal your joy or your money. Remember, knowledge really is powerful when you put practical ideas to work.