Louisville furnace That old saying that the chains only as strong as the weakest link holds true for the electrical equipment in your house also. If one system gets neglected or lacks routine maintenance, it will effect the way all your electrical systems work together. In order to keep your Kentuckiana HVAC system running smoothly, we have already learned that as a homeowner there are several things you can do to improve your HVAC’s efficiency, like regular service check-ups and filter changes.
There are also three things you as a homeowner can do behind the scenes to ensure a properly suited environment for running your system.

  • Check Your Ductwork Air -is it literally delivered through your house’s ductwork. It must be properly designed to work properly in your home. Check for areas in the ductwork that might allow for leaking or obvious gaps. A contractor can seal any area that causes your air, cold or hot, to leak out. For maximum efficiency, install ductwork that is better insulated and the load requirement to get the air to you will be significantly reduced. Less effort equals less energy and less cost.
  • Upgrade Insulation – If your ductwork or your home is not properly insulated, you will lose a portion of your conditioned air. Your HVAC generates air to be distributed where it is supposed to go, but poor insulation will disburse air where you don’t need it. To keep your air where you want it, give your insulation an overhaul and transfer your air efficiently into your home.
  • Seal Your Attic – Your venting system is critical to the overall health and performance of your HVAC system. It is critical to seal leaks that occur in the attic space that might allow hot or cool air outside to infiltrate your systems. These kinds of leaks can lead to extreme temperatures placed on the unit followed by spiking energy costs. Seal the attic to protect your system from added invaders taking over your ductwork and breaking down your system.

By monitoring these three simple areas, your HVAC system stands a much improved chance of running like a champ throughout the winter season.