Louisville furnaceDo you find yourself this time of year itching your eyes, feeling stuffy inside ,or sneezing each time your walk outside? In the Louisville area, this is a particularly difficult season for allergies including dust, pollen and mold. But did you realize that these particular allergens can also be a prominent problem inside your home?
If you find yourself more tired, itchy, and irritated, you can help to improve your overall allergy symptoms and your overall health with a few basic improvements.

  1. Dehumidifiers – Sometimes the air in our homes can be overly damp due to leaking pipes or wet concrete basement floors. Dampness can promote mold and dust mite population. Dehumidifiers help alleviate the extra humidity in the air.
  2. Humidifiers -Just as you do not want the air at home to be too humid, you also don’t want it to be too dry, which is the tendency this time of year. Overly dry air is irritating to the lungs and can spread dust particles and pet dander that don’t have humidity to weigh them down. Another simple step to help add humidity to the air is to leave out a clean bowl of water or a fresh vase of flowers.
  3. HEPA filters – These filters added to your furnace help re-circulate, clean and dehumidify the air all at once. They also help to trap smaller allergen particles before they hit the air we breathe. Also remember not to sleep with the windows open which brings in more unfiltered allergens from the outdoors.
  4. Use exhaust fans to reduce moisture levels that may come from cooking, showers or clothes dryers.

Other helpful ways to eliminate harmful allergens without spending a penny include: not smoking inside the house, remove all particle board furniture which is made with formaldehyde which is a toxic substance and eliminate any carpeting you can. Carpets collect dust and dander.
Tackle your allergies from the inside out and eliminate harmful items that put you at higher risk. By making a few minor adjustments in the equipment of your furnace, you can breathe a sigh of relief with cleaner air inside your home.
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