Louisville heatingThere are two terminologies used  S.E.E.R.(seasonal energy efficiency ratio) and A.F.U.E.(annual fuel utilization efficiency)? Why are both important to understand and how do they complement each other?
AFUE measures how much heat is actually making it into your home verses how much fuel or energy is required to produce that heat. What you are left with is a percentage that represents your AFUE. For example if your AFUE  rating is 70%, that means 70% of the heat produced is making it into the home while 30% is escaping out the chimney or flew. The minimum in Indiana minimum is 90% while in Kentucky is 80%.  SEER reflects, much in the same way as AFUE, the amount of cooling delivered to the home verses cooling loss. The current minimum SEER rating is 14. There are products with SEER ratings in the 20s now.
When thinking about changing out your heating and cooling system, you want to consider both the SEER and AFUE ratings of new equipment. You may review our page that assists in helping to decide to  Repair or Replace that helps you determine what to do with your HVAC. This is a great tool to help you decide whether you should invest in repairs for your older HVAC system or should you replace it with higher efficiency products.
The more knowledge you have about the actual savings you will get from newer, high efficiency products, the better. The decision is made simple when you can calculate your savings verses up front costs. If you have your heating and cooling costs for the last year or two it will be a huge advantage in calculating and knowing exactly what your short-term expense and long-term savings will be. You want your SEER and AFUE to be as high as possible and at a price point that makes sense for you.
As October approaches there will be many furnaces needing repair. If you can arm yourself with good information now you will be prepared to make a wise decision this fall. Now you can tell your friends what AFUE and SEER mean and why they are important. It can save you money when you choose the right products.
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