Each year our customers spend thousands of dollars for repair service on their air conditioner or furnace because of neglected regular maintenance. Like your car, heating and air conditioning equipment needs regular service to keep operating properly. 80% of all compressor failures are caused by lack of regular maintenance. This is why VanKleef Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. offers annual maintenance agreements to protect your investment in your home comfort system.

Why Consider Maintenance Service?

Consider this your guide to preventative maintenance, long-term system performance and energy cost efficiency. Maintenance is much more than a filter change.

What Service Deprivation Looks Like?

Preventing Breakdowns:
Every year consumers spend millions of dollars on unnecessary HVAC repairs from breakdowns that could have been prevented. AC systems are one of the major investments we make in our home.

They are also one of the most neglected pieces of equipment in our homes. We want them to perform during crunch time keeping things hot or cold, but we run them without bothering to service them. You wouldn’t drive your car for years without having the oil changed or a tune up would you? Like an automobile, an AC system needs preventative maintenance to ensure good performance and to keep your energy costs down.

A few examples:
Blowers fans and coils deprived of regular service can lead to problems. Annual cleaning of the blower fan wheel increases system performance and greatly reduces any indoor air quality risk. A dirty evaporator cooling coil, outdoor condenser coil, or blower fan wheel could increase electrical usage by 50% or more.
Prevention of 80% of System Failures:
Up to 80% of all air conditioning compressor failures could be eliminated if the problem that lead to failure had been corrected in a timely manner.

What Service Deprivation Does?

10% Coolant Undercharge = 20% Higher Energy Bill:
A refrigerant undercharge of only 10% can increase operating costs by almost 20%. Refrigerant should never be replaced. If it must be added, there is an expensive leak that should be permanently repaired. Service deprivation is very likely why your current system failed. Whether you are starting today with a new system, or have had new parts installed; you should keep your system flowing well with a schedule maintenance plan. We’ve laid them out below.
Dirt and Neglect are the #1 Causes of Heating and Cooling System Failure:
Dust, dirt and other contaminates collect, putting a strain on your system. This tends to burn your system life out early and causes problems with indoor air quality. All this while costing you higher utility bills every month. A regular service plan protects your investment and helps maintain a healthier and more comfortable home.
A clogged or disconnected drain pipe can cause leaks and condensation in your attic or woodwork, thus causing water damage and drywall stains.

Scheduled Maintenance Plans

Program 1: Quick Start Plan
An easy quick start to restoring your systems operating performance. A clean and check service that inspects your home comfort system for any performance deprivation issues stemming from lack of regular comfort system maintenance at a cost of only $79 for one unit.
Program 2: Continued Regular Maintenance Plan
Both cooling and heating season maintenance. A two-season combined 20-point precision tune-up is performed enhancing system performance and helping lower your heating and cooling costs. Plus receive additional savings up to 10% on repair parts. Receiving the Spring and Fall agreement can only run around $79 for one unit or $150 for two units, depending on how many units you have in your home. Or you can pay $150 for scheduling the Spring and Fall together.

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