Kentuckiana Heating Tip: How Humidifiers Can Help During Winter Months

Louisville heating and coolingThe creeping in of the cold winter season can mean lots of things, piles of snow, heavier coats and the cranking up of your Louisville furnace. But winter can also bring a host of other issues like flu season, dry, itchy skin and endless shivering. There is one solution that can help with many of these things; a humidifier. During the winter months humidity levels can decrease to 10% indoors. Normal indoor humidity levels are 30-40%. The benefit of added humidity can also improve some other things as well.

  1. Prevent Illness – Keeping moisture in the air helps your tiny nose hairs function properly and keep out airborne bacteria that is more prevalent during winter months.
  2. Treat Illness – Moist air helps soothe the symptoms of a cold and flu including nasal irritation and the throat and bronchial tubes. When these areas are properly hydrated you sleep easier and soothe the ailing parts under attack.
  3. Warmth – Humidifiers help fight dry skin and keep your home warmer by adding more moisture. The more moisture there is in your home the warmer it will feel.
  4. Reduce Snoring – Believe it or not, low moisture is one of the major reasons snoring persists. By increasing water intake through drinking and hydration in the air, you can reduce snoring.
  5. Control Static – Petting your cat can be a big shock when suddenly the electricity snaps back at you. It’s also frustrating to have a new hairstyle that stands straight up. Having a humidifier can help with these static issues as well as reduce the risk that static shock can bring to electronics. Keeping the air moist can drastically reduce the possibility of encountering a shock that could damage the internals of a computer.

Although some of this information may be shocking, it is helpful as the winter months stick around to implement some basic things to help you stay well and warm.