Repair or Replace

When our Southern Indiana and Louisville clients have a major AC repair, we are often asked if they should replace the HVAC system or simply repair the air conditioner.

Two factors influence the decision the most: age of your HVAC system and cost of the repair.

If it’s greater than ten years old and you have a major repair (compressor, condenser fan motor, evaporator coil), you should seriously consider a new heating and cooling system. An HVAC system of that age is not nearly as efficient as today’s system. Plus, a new Air Conditioning system can have a 10-year parts warranty standard with 10-year labor warranties available.

If you’re on the fence regarding a new system, here are some things to consider.
1) Your old system is considerably less efficient than a new system. So, your energy consumption is higher the longer you wait.
2) Air Conditioners and Furnaces increase in price roughly 3% each year. You’ll pay more for that new system the longer that you wait.
Combine those two, and you can see why waiting to purchase a new HVAC system may not be the best choice.

If your HVAC system is under 10 years, then repairing it may be your better choice. We can show you ways to save money on future repairs through our preventative maintenance program

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  1. We just had our air conditioner replaced last year. Luckily we rent and did not have to pay anything out of pocket but it needed to be done. We rent from a company and not someone that just owns real estate so they never come out to actually see anything with the home. We kept telling them the issues with the air conditioner and they always insisted on repairing instead of replacing. Finally when it went out last season we got a new one. They needed to read this post and could’ve saved some money. Nice post Rosie.

  2. Great post Rosie, I just want to add one thing, if you are planning to replace your HVAC system think about scalability and try to buy something that -within your budget- will adapt to bigger spaces. Always think big!

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