Detecting a Deadly Killer: January is National Radon Action Month

Today VanKleef HVAC takes a break from talking about furnace issues, and reminds you that January is Nation Radon Action Month. Radon can kill you with its deadly poison, but you may never see it. It can destroy your health rapidly, but you may never detect it. In fact, it has recently been ranked by Harvard University as the number one in-home hazard.

Louisville heating and coolingRadon is by definition radiation. It is an odorless, radioactive, invisible gas that occurs due to a breakdown and decay of uranium in our soil. Countless Americans are unknowingly exposed to this dangerous gas. Sadly, it is the leading cause of lung cancer for non-smokers. It also has caused more deaths than carbon monoxide and fires combined.

Because it is considered a national health problem, awareness of this issue is being spotlighted in January and homeowners are being encouraged to take action.

It is estimated that 1 in 15 homes will contain high levels of radon in their home. While one home may contain extra high levels of this dangerous gas, the home right next door may be completely radon free. Radon has been detected in homes all over the United States in every kind of climate and community. Its presence is unpredictable. That’s why evaluation, detection and removal are critical.

If you have a basement in your home, especially if your HVAC is located in the basement, you are at greater risk for spreading this deadly gas. Hire a radon specialist who will use an electronic monitor to detect radon particles in detail. After you have been tested initially, contact EPA online to find out what free, low-cost tests are available in your area. These tests are simple to use and offer an easy remedy to the problem. These radon reducers can lower the amount of radon up to 99% in 90 days.

After you’ve zoned in your radar on radon detection, be sure and have your home tested every two years to prevent the dangers of this deadly gas.


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